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AR Breakfast

At the 2017 Facebook Developers Conference, Mark Zuckerberg shared a vision for Facebook AR.  I designed and created a few of the experiences in his presentation. 


The first demo in the presentation was "AR Breakfast", an immersive World AR concept that would transform a boring bowl of cereal into a fun immersive experience, with sharks!

The goal of the project was to design and create AR experiences that the average person would want to engage in.  We had to ask ourselves, what would make content compelling.  Other challenges were offering content that would be appropriate and attractive for the billion person user base on Facebook  In the end, AR Meals was born from the trend of people taking pictures of their food.  With AR Meals, users could enhance, interact, and just have some fun with their food.   


X Ray - AR Smart Camera

The second concept Mark shared was X Ray, which turned your mobile phone into a smart AR camera.  Using machine learning, objects within the camera's view would be detected.  This allowed specific content and experiences to emerge based on what was being analyzed.  X Ray's object detection really opened up endless possibilities for AR use cases.  


Shark Design

I designed various versions of the 3D Shark.  One key aspect of the shark was to make it feel playful and not scary.  I created variations with vibrant colorful sharks and also different style eyes to help make it feel a bit more animated appeal.  

AR Dragon Dinner Prototype

An original concept that I designed before Breakfast Sharks.  It offered a cultural and seasonal use-case for the augmented meal.  The idea was that User's could share their Chinese New Year meal off with a bit of flare, in the form of a flying dragon and fireworks.  This WIP prototype shows how that experience could have looked.

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