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AR Greeting Card

a Design Sprint Prototype


The goal of the AR Greeting Card was to design an AR experience that leveraged the Facebook platform to bring people together to collaborate.  I worked with a Product Designer, Rich Zarick to bring this one week design sprint to life.  The product was designed so that friends on Facebook could build a greeting card together and send it to a friend.  The entry point was simple.  Users would begin making their card together in an existing or new group chat and take turns customizing it.  It also was extremely important that the card felt unique but was actually super fast and easy for users to build.  To simplify the creation, there were templates, pre-made content and users could add their own.


One of the biggest challenges was proving why the product made sense in AR.  Having it in 3D space provided a new way for users to engage in the time honored tradition of writing and receiving greeting cards.  The overall design also needed to be compelling enough to be on this different platform.  I created a Haunted House diorama which served as the 3D setting to hold all the various customized user content.  Photos and video messages were integrated into the house and onto characters.  When the recipient opened the card, they were able to explore this unique AR experience.  Tapping on doors, windows, and objects would trigger animations and video/audio messages that encouraged user interaction with the card.  

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