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Yeti Run was one of many AR Game concepts that I had worked on.  I designed Yeti Run with Art Director, Anthony Dodero to be an endless runner game, that utilized facial tracking to control the character.  

The project was driven by the goal to increase user engagement of the Facebook Camera.  User research showed that our target demographic were interested in playing AR games on the platform and we used this as the catalyst to build Yeti Run. 



How do we design a casual game that is compelling but also super easy for ANYONE to be able to pickup and play?


How can we make this game unique and leverage the Facebook platform?


Ver. 2 Mock (Yetis Added)


Ver. 1 Mock (Pre Yeti)

We designed a few different iterations of what became Yeti Run.  

The first design of the game didn't actually have Yetis.  It was a snowball shooter where users tried to hit their friends.  Using body tracking, the game could detect whether the snowball successfully landed.  The person hit by the snowball would get augmented hair dew or mask made of snow.   


The second design saw the introduction of the Yetis.  It was made to be a wack-a-mole style game where users throw snowballs at Yetis that pop up around them on screen.  The Yetis were made to add a narrative and charm to the game.  

The third design was Yeti Run, an endless runner game with the main goal of scoring points by avoiding jumping Yetis.  The game needed to be light from a tech perspective, so the endless runner design allowed for a simple level design and efficient use of content. Facial tracking was used so that users could control the runner with their heads.  The scoreboard at the end provided a sharable moment, allowing users to see their hi-score stacked up against the names of friends on their Facebook network (a fetching feature that had previously not been used).


The game needed to have mass appeal so we designed the Yetis to be super friendly.  Even though they jump out at you and might look scary, their intent was just to hug you and play in the snow. 


Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 2.33.07 PM.jpg

Yeti Character Design Exploration

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