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AR Characters 

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Expressive AR Characters is an initiative I led on Messenger.  The main goals were to transform the user into a memorable character and allow them to be express themselves through it.  These projects also served as a test bed to push the development (notably Facial Tracking) and feature set of Facebook's Spark AR software.  

They were super fun to create but there were many challenges in designing and building these experiences due to the  extremely limited tech specs and file size requirements.  A lot of that led to finding creative solutions, building animations procedurally  

When designing each of these experiences I wanted them to feel unique and different from the character that proceeded it.  Giving the effect a narrative, adding more interactions all led to users wanting more of these filters (as evident in user research and metrics)  



"Miss Piggy" using the Werewolf effect in Portal Ad

Werewolf Development


Dragon Quick Sketches

Some early development sketches that show the silly dragon with added accessories for customization.

Pizza Face


3D Asset


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