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AR Stickers


In an effort to design products that help users express themselves, AR Emoji gave users the ability to to tell their own story by enhancing their content with the addition of these visual icons. Users could place these emojis in 3D space while using their AR camera. A big focus of the project was to maintain the same visual look and feel of the official 2D Facebook emojis but in 3D.  Since we were using these in a live setting, animation and effects were added to make these emojis more compelling. 


For the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea, Soohorang was a World AR "sticker" experience where Users "tap-and-place" Soohorang atop their desks, sidewalk, or even couch and see him come to life in different animations.  My role was to build this 3D character and design situations for Soohorang to interact in

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